The Perfect Prom Date – Remy Virgin Hair Extensions

You’re a senior – high school is coming to an end.

Finals are finalizing and senioritis is in full effect. It’s about time to celebrate the last four years of hard work or skipping class – either way, you’re graduating. You’ve finally made it to one of the most important nights of your youth – PROM! Congratulations!

Now let’s talk hair.

Your hair is important every day of the year but even more important on Prom night. Memories are made that will last a lifetime and there is always a camera snapping pictures to ensure that. No one wants to be caught looking a mess on today of all days. Yes, you can’t always avoid the “closed eye” picture look, or the “half-chewed food, open-mouth” face, but Virlago’s hair extensions will make sure that no matter what unfortunate face you are caught making, your hair will never be less than perfect.

When getting your hair done for this special night it is important to be prepared. You’ve waited 18 years for this, right?

Below are some hair extension tips that will help you achieve the look you want, and those sassy selfies you desire.

Make sure that your hair extensions are properly placed and secured.

You hit the dance floor, start getting into the groove, and your song comes on. There’s no stopping you now — you are a dancing machine. And then, like a horrible nightmare, some of your extensions fall out. You hold them in your hand, mortified as the people around you watch it all unravel (much like a Brazilian Natural Wave Remy Hair Bundle). Making sure your Remy extensions are properly placed can save you from the head ache, and embarrassment. Going to a hair stylist you trust and being particular is not a bad thing!

Bring in a picture of your dream prom hairstyle.

When going to the stylist for your prom hair, it’s important to bring along a picture of what look you are going for. Often clients try to explain their look, but an example and reference point can make the process easier. Even if the picture isn’t exactly what you want, you can use it as a tool to point out the parts you do like, and what you’d like to avoid.

Don’t wait until the day of prom to get hair extensions.

This tip is the most important to remember. Do not put off getting your hair extensions until the day of prom. Whether you’re new to Virlago’s Remy hair extensions or not – the process of putting in extensions is just that, a process. Allowing yourself enough time to get ready for the dance, but also getting used to the hair will help you have a less stressful day leading up to that night. Remember this is supposed to be fun!

Following these easy steps will make you step confidently into the prom with the perfect hair you always dreamed of! With 100% natural Remy virgin hair extensions, Virlago is certain that even if you aren’t having a good night, your hair will never tell.

Order your Virlago hair extensions today!