Remy Hair Bandits!

It’s safe to say that if you’ve experienced Virlago’s Hair Extensions that you know the power they can hold.

Being able to redefine yourself with a quick hair change can completely alter your inner confidence. It’s a mighty powerful thing to experience, and apparently obtaining that feeling has some people going to great (30 inch Remy) lengths.

Yes that’s right! There are hair bandits on the loose!

Remy Virgin Hair is made from the finest, “virgin” (unprocessed) natural Indian hair. Virlago’s founder, Betty, works with physicians from India to guarantee the best and healthiest hair for Virlago’s hair extensions.

The popularity of Remy extensions has increased exceptionally. Celebrities who constantly change their looks with the help of extensions have the allowance to do so. But what about the rest of us who’ve only experienced a “red carpet” after a friend spills fruit punch on your new white rug?

Remy hair is considered valuable. It can be hard to get your hands on since it is such a great quality product. It has become a problem in certain cities where people are actually stealing extensions for personal use or to sell.

At a Chicago store more than $230,000 dollars were stolen. In Houston over $50,000 were stolen from another store. Unlike many products, hair extensions aren’t easy to trail. There is no barcode and no way of tracking the product. Some bandits are even trying to sell low-grade quality hair extensions as virgin Remy, Grade-A quality extensions.

There’s never been a more important time to make sure your weave is safely secured. This is a hair epidemic! The only way to fight off these hair-stealing, weave-jacking crooks is to ensure the quality of your extensions. Understanding the product, and receiving it from a credible company such as Viraglo, will help you skip all that unnecessary hair-drama.

Viraglo confidently brings the best hair extension and weave products to our clients. We stand behind all of our extensions and ensure each piece’s quality.

We invite you to shop Virlago’s entire collection of Remy virgin hair extensions and order online today!