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Virlago Inc. 1-877-478-8622  is a Chicago based World Renowned Online Supplier of the Highest Quality Unprocessed, Natural Virgin Remy Hair.

Malaysian Remy Virgin Hair Weaves Extensions

Malaysian natural hair extensions are popular because they are easy to maintain.   Malaysian Remy Hair Weaves Extensions are natural and contain no chemicals.
What you may not know about Malaysian Remy Hair is that it is a very rare find.  Malaysia woman only let go of their hair on rare religious occasions.
We have the best prices on Natural Malaysian Remy Hair weaves Extensions.

Indian Remy Virgin Hair Weaves Extensions

Our Natural Indian Hair weaves extensions are straight from India.  All of our Indian hair weaves extensions are certified Remy quality,
which means they have been collected from a single donor. Genuine Indian Remy Virgin Hair extensions are more durable and flexible than any other exotic hairs.
They are also known for their versatility.  Hair stylists can do many different hairstyles with Indian Remy Virgin Hair.

Brazilian Remy Virgin Hair Weaves Extensions

Brazilian natural hair extensions provide the most flexibility when it comes to styling options which is why it is so popular.
Brazilian Remy Virgin Hair comes in many different shades such as; black, brown and dark blonde.  This makes it popular because the texture fits naturally
on women from all sorts of ethnic backgrounds.

Peruvian Remy Virgin Hair Weaves Extensions

Natural Peruvian hair extensions are exotic, and who doesn’t want exotic hair?  Peruvian Remy Virgin Hair goes well with African-American hair textures as well as the medium textured Caucasian hair.  These authentic extensions are of the highest quality, so you can be rest assured they will not get tangled or frizzy after washing.  Peruvian Natural Hair extensions tend to accentuate their curl after being wet which brings a natural wavy look.

Cambodian Remy Virgin Hair Weaves Extensions

Cambodian Natural hair extensions are the newest extensions on the market.   They can last up to 18 months if treated properly which makes them one of the more popular and economical Remy virgin hair extensions available.  These  come in many different styles and lengths to choose from however, we recommend you buy the same length due to the nature of the hair.


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