Caring for Your Virlago Hair Extensions in the Summer

While for many of us this winter has often challenged all optimism, summer is (hopefully) on its way!

What does this mean for your hair extensions? Just like with anything else, your hair extensions need to be prepared properly for the change of the season. Heat, humidity, beaches, rain – Mother Earth is out with vengeance!

Instead of hiding in fear of the elements, we’ve got the summer do’s and don’ts to keep your Virlago hair extensions looking fabulous!

Dealing with Humidity

Just like the hair that grows on head, human-hair extensions are affected by humidity, as they’re natural. While extensions are less affected by it, humidity is still no fun. There is nothing worse than going for a night on the town, and feeling your hair frizzing up as soon as you leave your home. There’s no going back!

There are an exceptional amount of products on the market that cut through even the most difficult mugginess. It’s important when you’re choosing a product you look for something that’s either labeled “anti-humectants” or simply, “humidity blocker”. These products are resistant to water, and help shield the hair from unwanted moisture. It’s important to focus on the strands when applying the product to ensure all-over protection.

Swimming and Beaches

When hair extensions are involved, the beach can quickly become a nightmare.

Yeah, the postcards with the smooth-looking sand dunes and picturesque sunsets are tempting. But in reality, beaches are dirty! If it’s not sand getting in your mouth, it’s ocean debris, or hungry seagulls hovering from above.

Taking care of your Virlago hair extensions is vital for their longevity. Carefully securing your hair in a braid and gently covering your head with a cute sunhat will help maintain them, and keep your look fresh. If you decide to swim, make sure you clean your hair right after by rinsing out all the salt water or chlorine (if you’re swimming at a pool). This is the safest way to guarantee no long-term damage to your Virlago extensions.


It’s especially true for first-time hair extension users that hair becomes sensitive to the sun. If not treated correctly, prolonged sun-exposure can damage both your extensions and natural hair. In order to avoid the snapping of natural hair or tangled, unmanageable extensions, shampoo your mane with a product that has a hair-saving SPF rating.

These products penetrate the hair, and defend against even the brightest of sunny days. UV protection will last until the next time you wash your hair, and will add the moisture your hair desperately needs during these dry months. Of course, hanging in the shade as much as possible is good for your skin, hair, and hair extensions. It should be noted, though, that even in the shade you aren’t completely protected from the UV rays. So when that sun calls to you… protect yourself!

Virlago confidently ensures you a summer of fun and ease with these summer hair-extension tips. We take the health of your hair seriously, and following these tips will help keep your 100% remy hair extensions looking fresh.

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