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Virlago Genuine Unprocessed, Virgin Remy Hair.

The company started by our founder, Betty, was born out of the quest to find the healthiest natural hair.

With 15+ years working in healthcare, her relationships with physicians from India were helpful in her quest to find the best quality and healthiest hair available!

Using her contacts, she acquires the highest quality premium Remy hair ! Our product comes with cuticles intact (which is called remi),  is delivered from one donor, and washed in a special chemical that assures the hair would remain intact and be free of lice, and air dried!

We Are A Global Remy Virgin Hair Supplier

We have received many comments from stylists about how great our hair is to work with, as well as how it felt and moved like their own hair or better.

After a year, we were getting so many orders and compliments that the decision was made to sell our product online! We still supply stylists in USA and now we are going global!

Have additional questions about our products and services?  Call 877-456-3633  or email us customerservice@virlago.com

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Natural beauty at its best! Loose wavy Malaysian remy hair extensions. Typically, 3-4 bundles are required to create this luscious look.

Repeat Virlago customer Winnie comes back to us time and again for our remy hair extensions because they are easy to manage, are excellent quality, and last for months. 

Ombré curly Brazilian remy hair extensions. 

Tight curl Brazilian remy hair extensions. In general.

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